Hurricane Claudette Approaches

Although the sky outside is beautiful and clear, we are currently waiting for Tropical Storm Claudette to come ashore. The storm’s winds are now measured as being 65 miles per hour, and the weathermen are saying that it should turn into a hurricane by the time it reaches the Texas coast.
We did not always feel in danger. Two days ago, the majority of the reports indicated that the storm was going to make landfall around the Rio Grande Valley, their reasoning centering on the fact that a high pressure system was slowly making its way southeast. Although I admit that I am largely ignorant of the many intricacies of meteorology, I found this pronouncement foolish and believed that the storm would more or less continue to hard northwesterly course on which it is set. Now, possibly by sheer luck, I have been proven correct and the newsmen continue to talk about the “unbelievable shift” of the hurricane’s directions.
At present, the sky is still beautiful and patched with small clouds as it would be on any normal day. Considering weather such as this, the other night at the pool I had mentioned to Dr. Saltieri that days like this must have made the appearance of hurricanes infinitely more frightening and surprising in the centuries before modern monitoring technology.


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