Well, this is certainly an interesting Thanksgiving. Instead of sitting around a nice, warm turkey with family and friends, I’m freezing half to death in a train station waiting for a train that doesn’t seem to be coming. Unfortunately, I’ve been here now for almost an hour, and I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s either a holiday schedule or I’ve just missed it. When I first started getting frustrated, I amused myself by making up little songs. One had a refrain that went like this: “I’m waiting for the F’in train (down in Chicago!) I’m waiting for the f’in train (oh, yes I am, yeah!) / I don’t know if it’ll come / and I’m feelin’ kind of dumb, / Yes, I’m waiting for the f’in train.” Eventually that got old, so I started singing “Funiculi, Funicula.” That too got old (especially since I really only know the chorus) and I eventually started singing old trail songs and “The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You”. As you can see this started making me feel extremely homesick.

11/27/03 12:07 pm
Ah, well, now the train finally came and I am on my way downtown, passing the 53rd Street Station. I suppose I should really start studying those train schedules. Anyway, I’m heading downtown and I don’t really know what I’m going to do. Since the Powell’s Used Book Store in Hyde Park was open for Thanksgiving, I thought that the one downtown would be too, but unfortunately I learned that it wasn’t after asking the guy behind the counter to call. Ah, what a dreary day. I learned this morning that my half sister, with whom I’m not really familiar since we grew up apart from one another, is coming home for Thanksgiving along with her two sons. I haven’t seen her but once or twice in almost 12 years, and I really regret that I’m going to miss her again. Incidentally, a friend from Chicago whom I “met” online a few years back while I was in Austin is back in town for Thanksgiving. I sent her an e-mail telling her to contact me if she wished, and that we would go do something “fun” like visit the Museum of Contemporary Art. As you can see, she’s not exactly “normal” and that’s why I’m looking forward to meeting her. No word yet, however–which is not surprising since I sent the e-mail only before leaving the house. What else shall I rant about? Hmm, the Sears Tower is still visible today despite the heavy cloud cover. A few weeks ago I was on the train and I met a couple from Vermont who were visiting Chicago. At that time the Tower was not even visible from the tracks and they understandable felt like they had been gyped since Chicago’s most famous landmark was completely hidden by the clouds. It looks a bit ghostly, but it’s still visible. Anyway, I’m at Roosevelt Road and thus I’m getting close to the end of the line. I’ll cut this off now, which is probably just as well since this is without a doubt the most incoherent entry I’ve made since starting a blog.


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