Need Trilogy Tuesday Tickets!

OK, I admit it. I’m a Tolkien geek. But at least I can say that I’ve been one before the movie was even a rumor. Anyway, there are evidently some limits to my geekiness since I was not aware that New Line Cinema was going to host Trilogy Tuesday, during which all three Lord of the Rings movies (including the extended versions of both The Fellowship and The Two Towers) are shown back to back. Generally, they start around 1 o’clock PM and last until about midnight. Apparently every Tolkien fan in the world except me has heard about this, as can be seen here:”The level of excitement has reached fever pitch,” says George Beahm, author of The Essential JRR Tolkien Sourcebook. “If there was any doubt, look at what happened when tickets were offered online for ‘Trilogy Tuesday’ — a showing of all three films back-to-back. Computer servers around the world crashed as the surge of fans attempted to order online, creating chaos.” Hmph. Anyway, when I learned about Trilogy Tuesday, I instantly starting searching the Internet for any tickets that might be left. I’d much rather watch it in Chicago at River East, but I’m heading home in a few days. TheOneRing.Net has an excellent (but unfortunately no longer useful) listing of all the theaters in America that are hosting it, if anyone else out there’s interested. Evidently they’re not even hosting it in the middle-sized South Texas city where I’m from, so I’m forced to look elsewhere. To my horror: Austin, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas–all sold out. Then I decided to look on eBay. There is ONE set of tickets left for a town near me (which I will not reveal for fear of losing the tickets…lol) and I’ve already put down a bid. Unfortunately, there are four tickets instead of one, but I’m willing to pay the extra money to see it, although I’m afraid I won’t have anyone else with whom to watch it. I’m so ready to see the new film that I admit that I’m having a hard time paying attention to my studies. Last night, I kept entering “Return of the King” into Google to see if there had been any reviews about the movie after the premiere. No such luck, although the New Zealand Herald has a nice teaser. Anyway, back to work. If there are any of you who happen to be from South or Central Texas and just happen to have another ticket lying around, please contact me. Heh.   


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