All Wet

So it’s 4:22 AM and I want nothing more right now than to get some sleep. And until 3:30 or so, that’s exactly what I was doing.

But there’s a problem.

Right now it’s storming so badly in Chicago that a thunder blast a few minutes ago set off a few car alarms down on 55th Street. The underpass beneath the Metra lines looks like a swimming pool and parts of Hyde Park are starting to look as though we’re in the middle of a new theme park called Venice-on-the-Midway.

Pardon me while I move my garbage can from beside the couch to underneath the ceiling fan so it can catch the water.

Yeah, you see, that’s the problem.

For a couple of months now, a renovation company has been repairing the roof of my apartment building, an oldish brick and stone structure with that “Chicago look” to it that has heretofore made me, if not ecstatic, at least quite happy. During June and July, the repairwork was being focused on the south side of the building and I could be left in peace. But alas, right before these autumn rains began, they moved over to my section of the building and apparently there is very little above my top-floor apartment between me and the elements outside. Indeed, as I write, a large bubble in the roof is forming over the couch, which I have pulled back a bit just in case the swelling tumor decides to burst before sunrise. City people are always clamoring about how they wish to be closer to nature, but somehow I don’t think this is what most of them have in mind.

So far I have been fortunate. None of my many, many books are being affected by the leaks and my electronic equipment appears to be untouched as well. I’m currently not screaming for panic, but I just might if the leaks begin in the closet or in the dining room.

Crap. The bubble has started to drip. I just ran to the kitchen to get my popcorn bowl to catch the water. My old metal pretzel can, strategically placed beneath another stream, is rhythmically tapping out a beat of expectation which at the moment reminds me of the building tension prior to an execution. And if leaks in at least five areas of my apartment weren’t enough, now some strange cracking noise can be heard directly above my head. At least there’s some good news: outside the rain has slowed almost to nothing. Which is wonderful, because I dannae if she can take anymore, captain.

So I can’t study with the dripping and I’m having a hard time watching a movie with my headphones on because I’m having to watch my room in case the water gets on something important. I might just take a shower or a bath. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.


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