R. Crumb Creates Illustrated Genesis

And predictably, it’s controversial. (I mean, seriously, people–who didn’t see this coming?)

Famous for his Zap Comix back in the 1960s, which also featured the art of famed psychedelic poster artists such as Rick Griffin and Victor Moscoso, Crumb has set forth his own vision of the first book of the Bible, which has drawn some ire from people in religious circles. In defense, Crumb said to the New York Times that:

I had no intention to scandalize the Bible,” he said. “I was intrigued by the challenge of exposing everything in there by illustrating it. The text is so significant in our culture, to bring everything out was a significant enough purpose for doing it.

As is mentioned by a representative from the Bible Society, the Bible does include much more violence, nudity, and sex than people normally think it does. However, I personally am most inclined to agree with the spokesperson from the Church of England who put forth the idea that “trying to sell something by emphasising the sexual nature of some of the scenes doesn’t seem to be a good way to pass on the message of the bible.”

Regardless, this definitely appears to be worth a look. The New York Times has also provided a very useful slideshow featuring artwork from the book, including Crumb’s reasons for how he presented certain scenes.


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