If Mario Had Been Designed in 2010

I came across this on Zack Hiwiller’s blog the other day after jumping from Kottke.org and I think it’s worth a mention here, especially since haven’t seen it on Gamespot. Hiwiller, a game designer from Pennsylvania, gives us his perspecive on what Super Mario Bros. would be like if it had been designed today (be sure to read the original post for more screens).

I’m going to pull an Obama here and admit that I’ve never played ANY of these Facebook games. I’ll play games on my iPhone, but I’ve never felt any desire to play any games on Facebook. For one, no one but my awesome wife ever responded to my blog posts here when I posted them to Facebook (even after I got the Member Spotlight a couple of weeks ago), so I highly doubt they’ll care if I lost a lamb. Or maybe they will, and that would be quite the tragedy. As a former academic, I have a lot of snooty acquaintances who apparently think video games are as annoying as hairs in their lattés.

If games like this are fun and exciting, though, maybe I’m missing something, but so many of them seem like the worst kinds of WoW grinding. I’m one of those people who turn off Farmville requests and the like the very moment they appear. It wasn’t until the other day that I learned that these games really do ask for money from you.

I know, I know–enough ranting. I’m still trying to justify this being in the Humor pile. I’ll just end with this. If Nintendo really did cave like this and offer a Facebook game, I have to admit that I might give it a shot. I might stop at the warp zone pictured above and I might turn off all notifications, but this would be quite enjoyable.

On second thought, I’ll end with this: Why isn’t Nintendo cranking these old games out for iPhone and the Droid? They’d be making a easy fortune, especially from ’80s kids like me.

Edit: Speak of the Devil. Looks like Capcom’s joining in on the fun.


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