Ravenwood Fair Review (Gamezebo)

From Gamezebo:

Let’s say you come across a hardcore gamer—you know, the kind who wears shirts that say things like “I see fragged people” and “PWN3D!”—and you tell them that John Romero’s released a new game. The geekiest of them will likely have to stop themselves from mimicking cocking a rifle, and others will ask if it’s a sequel to Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, Quake, or any of the other seminal first person shooters Romero is famous for. Now tell them that this new game is Ravenwood Fair, a story about cute and fuzzy critters who need to clear a scary forest in order to build a faire. I’m willing to bet they’d laugh in disbelief…

Click here to read the full review. I’m actually pretty proud of this one.


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