Lego Universe Review (GamesRadar)

Remember when you had to raise your hand and ask for permission whenever you wanted to speak? That’s how Lego Universe makes you feel at times, and it’s a helpful reminder that feeling like a kid again isn’t always such a great thing. From the very moment we had to wait for approval for our avatar’s name to those occasions when we were trying to talk smack while using a severely limited word set, we were nervously looking for a plastic yellow hall monitor ready to whack our ass into detention. (And these monitors exist, in a manner of speaking). Still, this joyful though tightly-controlled MMO offers much for children and geezers alike, even if the hardcore crowd should keep in mind that this game isn’t designed with them in mind. And you can abandon all thoughts of building a gigantic Lego penis. With Lego, after all, someone has to think of the children.

Read the full review here.


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