WoW Column: Grand Theft Goblin (GameSpy)

Barreling down a dimly lit highway along the polluted water front, you flip on your hot rod’s radio, accidentally mowing down a pedestrian as the music changes. In the back seat, your three cronies burst out in laughter. All around you, the seedy metropolis spreads into the distance, whispering of illicit riches lurking in every corner… but if you fail to learn to play its game of vice and greed, the city may spit you out into the rampant filth of the slums. That’s not Nico Bellic behind the wheel, and this isn’t Liberty City. This is World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, and the driver is the newly promoted goblin boss at the Kajaro Trading Company, headquartered in the goblin capital of Kezan. In short, it’s you.


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