World of Warcraft Column: Looking For Group (GameSpy)

A funny thing happened not long after my little shaman alt stepped through the Dark Portal the other day: Someone asked me to group with them for a quest. I was floored. After speeding through Cataclysm’s new, streamlined content from levels 1 through 58 with virtually no interactions with other players — and on two characters, to boot — it was almost as if I I’d just received first contact from an alien civilization. And because the quest centered on Arazzius the Cruel, a hulking Eredar lord whose quest bounty includes an awesome trinket that lasts for several levels, I accepted the offer. We beat him down, we got our trinkets, and — most importantly — we added each other to our buddy lists. As we went our separate ways, the whole experience made me realize just how much the loss of these little required personal interactions have changed the game’s community.

Click here to read the full column.


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