Rift: First Impressions (GameSpy)

Rift, Trion Worlds’ shiny new massively multiplayer online role-playing game (which I am in the process of playing for review), finally hooked me somewhere around level 18. The earlier zones failed to hold my attention in any meaningful way, but I positively fell in love with Gloamwood. I loved the zone from the moment I first saw the foreboding village nestled in a hazy valley, and I reveled in the region’s constant somber wonders while my levels increased. I battled hidden spiders along a claustrophobic passageway, and I infiltrated a distant cottage seething with vampires. A ring of gigantic standing stones that made Stonehenge look like a toy greeted me on another occasion, and I hacked my way through zombies atop a giant mill later on. And if that wasn’t enough, I battled a witch on one of the zone’s highest peaks while a rift spat werewolves and undead above us. The experience left me with high hopes for the rest of the journey, and other zones I encountered impressed me with equal force.

Click here to read the full review.


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