Moon Diver Review (GameSpot)

Sometime in the early months of 1989, an immensely satisfying and fairly innovative platformer by the name of Strider began to make its way into arcades and the hearts of button-mashing patrons across the world. It remains the kind of game that inevitably sparks wistful conversations among those old enough to remember it, and so it perhaps comes as no surprise that Strider’s creator, Koichi Yotsui, has at last made an attempt to revitalize the game’s winning formula for contemporary audiences. The result of that effort is a downloadable game called Moon Diver. It’s an admirable endeavor armed with a strong concept based on some lightweight role-playing elements and an enjoyable four-player mode, but its repetitive combat and some lackluster presentation values keep it from being anything other than a merely passable homage to past glories.

Click here to read the full review. I kind of wish they’d kept the original name of Necromachina.


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