Rio Review (Games Radar)

Not too long ago, 20th Century Fox convinced the makers of Angry Birds to release an expansion to their popular casual franchise featuring the characters from Rio, an animated feature about the world’s last two Spix’s Macaws. That game arguably rivaled the first in terms of awesomeness, and Fox probably should have left any spinoff ambitions at that. But of course, Hollywood being the ravenous dollar muncher it is, no big-budget animated feature is complete these days without a dubious self-titled videogame spin-off for the kiddies, and that’s where Rio the console game comes in. It’s not that bad, surprisingly, and the developers took the right route by making it an accessible party game instead of a stale story-based platformer. And while it suffers from some flimsy charm in spots and a few weak minigames, it distinguishes itself as a suitably entertaining party game that its target audience will likely enjoy.

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