World of Warcraft Column (GameSpy): Anybody Out There?

It’s pretty eerie when you walk into the main plaza in the Alliance capital of Stormwind, only to see absolutely no one there. On most servers, this little cluster of buildings is where dozens of players gather to trade, whine about life, or show off their mounts and gear — but it’s not uncommon for players on the Nazjatar server to find it as empty as London in those haunting first scenes of 28 Days Later. Yet, this isn’t a new problem for Nazjatar, which has struggled with its population since its birth at the beginning of the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade expansion. And now, in the wake of news that World of Warcraft’s subscription numbers have dropped a tad, its unique playing environment makes it something of a poster child for concerns about the game’s future (and the possible need for server mergers).

Click here to read the full column.


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