Rift v1.3 Patch Analysis (GameSpy)

Harold Camping should be playing Rift if he wants some idea of what the Rapture might feel like. For me, that feeling came not long after I finished downloading patch 1.3 and logged out of my server’s deserted and dreary Guardian capital for the last time on Tuesday. I said no goodbyes, and I didn’t even check to see who was online. Within seconds, I clicked the “transfer” button on my character screen, typed the magic word, and logged back in to find myself caught up in the same spot but surrounded by throngs of Guardians who were hawking wares and looking for groups. It was glorious. It was a little piece of digital heaven. And, best of all, this new option to transfer to another server for free was only one part of a massive patch that may point to even greater things to come. But can the excitement last?

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