Four Features that Could Make Star Wars: The Old Republic Strong with the Force (GameSpy)

The folks at BioWare did something a little crazy recently–they allowed us to preview the first few levels of the Republic side of Star Wars: The Old Republic at our own leisure (and just in time to steal some buzz from BlizzCon, too). For us, that meant no more guilty looks at YouTube leaks or shouldering our way through long lines at Comic Con; instead, we could trot about the galaxy and pretend that we were that most coveted of species, the SW:TOR beta tester. It also gave us the chance to see if four of SWTOR’s most hyped aspects really made the game as unique as we’ve been hearing–specifically its story, extensive voice acting, science fiction setting, and unique use of companions. They’re unique, all right, but are they unique enough?

Click here to read the full article.


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