Thoughts on SWTOR’s Group-Finder Tool (GameSpy)

Whenever I hear someone say that Star Wars: The Old Republic is just a single-player game with some other dudes running around, I want to laugh. While I was leveling my Jedi Guardian, I grouped more as a part of the leveling process than I have in any other MMORPG in recent years. Whether for Flashpoints, finishing the two- or four-man heroic quests scattered throughout each planet, or just by asking someone if they wanted to group up so we wouldn’t be competing for the same quest enemies. Some of these people remain on my friends list to this day, and a few even made their way into my guild. And partially thanks to TOR’s lack of a cross-server group finder tool, many of us at level 50 now know each other — and we know who to avoid. In a nutshell, it’s my favorite community out of all the MMORPGs I play on a regular basis.

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