Analogue: A Hate Story Review (IGN)

In the hands of another writer, Analogue: A Hate Story might have been a survival horror game. After all, its story centers on a derelict colony starship that just blipped back on the radar after an absence of many hundreds of years, and much like Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke, it’s your job to scrounge around and find out what led to such a sad state of affairs. But that’s where the similarities end. Christine Love’s Analogue isn’t without its own horrors, but they lie in contemplating the ghosts of an overly patriarchal society left to evolve without outside influences instead of bloody squabbles with nightmarish baddies. This is as much of a story about love, betrayal, and duty as it is about hate, and the questions it raises linger in the mind long after finishing all five of the available endings.

Click here to read the full review.


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