Five Reasons Why Guild Wars 2 Will be Better Than SWTOR (GameSpy)

You can already see the signs of dissention in Guild Wars 2’s official forums. One player complains that Guild Wars 2’s combat isn’t anywhere near as action-based as TERA’s (and therefore it sucks), another person says leveling feels too much like a grind, and some of ArenaNet’s diehards say it feels too different from Guild Wars 1 for their tastes. It’s the sort of critical ball that started rolling with blinding speed about a month after Star Wars: The Old Republic’s release and led to one of the most negative player backlashes in MMORPG history. But despite all that, I don’t think Guild Wars 2 will suffer the same fate. Sure, some of these concerns are valid, but I think ArenaNet has made enough good decisions to keep fans happy.

Click here to read the full article.


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