Guild Wars 2 Review (GameSpy)

It wasn’t until I’d played Guild Wars 2 that I realized how many other MMORPGs seemed intent on making me dislike other people. I hated the way I’d spend five minutes battling all the way to a named NPC for a quest, only to have some jackass swoop in while I was clearing the last two enemies and claim the kill for his own. I resented how people considered the numbers on my gear more important than my competence as a player in raids, and I loathed watching other players do their damndest to outrun me to resource nodes I approached. Things like this, I believe, contribute to the culture of petty vindictiveness in chat channels and forums that give the whole genre an inhospitable reputation, and that’s why I’m happy to see that they’re largely absent in ArenaNet’s long-awaited creation. Guild Wars 2 instead places a heavy emphasis on cooperation rather than competition and skill over gear, and that alone does much to justify calling it a giant leap ahead for the genre.

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