Final Fantasy XIV Preview (IGN)


Final? Square Enix doesn’t know the meaning of the word. That’s apparent enough from the avalanche of Final Fantasy games we’ve seen since 1987, but it’s especially true of its approach to its last MMORPG. By all accounts–including Square Enix’s–2010’s Final Fantasy XIV was an abomination, a shameful excuse for an MMORPG that couldn’t even pull off the simplest kill-and-fetch quest without tripping over itself. And so I tiptoed into this “reborn” incarnation of Eorzea with caution, fully expecting the world to crumble around me pixel by pixel. That didn’t happen. Against all odds, it was good, and I found myself reluctant to leave when the closed beta breathed its last. But was it enough to justify such a Herculean effort? I’m cautiously optimistic.

Click here to read the full article.


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