Why PC Gaming is Surging (IGN)


Dig far enough under all the news about the tussles over mandatory Kinects and indie support for either the Xbox One and the PS4, and you’ll find a shocking bit of info: PC gaming is at its best since the 1990s. Were it John Lennon, PC gaming would be making haughty claims about how it’s “bigger than Mario” and scoffing at the petty squabbles of its box-bound competitors. And with good reason. Provided you’re not wild about jumping into exclusives like Forza 5 or Infamous: Second Son, it’s looking more and more like you won’t be left too far behind if you decide to skip the upcoming console generation altogether. PC gaming is on the rise, and while it’d be easy to claim that these successes lie in the superior processing and graphical potential of the PC caused by such a lengthy console cycle, the truth is that keys of the platform’s resurgence may ultimately lie in much more mundane roots.

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