Is World of Tanks on Xbox 360 a Big Gun? (IGN)

Wargaming has made a lot of noise about how much they’ve accelerated the World of Tanks experience for its upcoming debut on the Xbox 360, but it was the lingering nods to slow and thoughtful gameplay that hooked me. Even three minutes in, I could feel its effects. Normally, multiplayer matches on Xbox Live kick off with everyone running off to do their own things, but the glacial pace of our rigs seemed to emphasize the need for cooperation. Using ready-made commands accessible through the left bumper, we took up defensive positions among shrubbery and storybook French cottages and waited on our foes. Victory was swift; they never even saw us until it was too late. And the best part? I even managed to score two kills with my rustbucket T1 from 1927 that coughed smoke like a cigarette factory in flames.

Click here to read the full article.


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